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Library of Doom Review No:1 The Terror of The Seven Crypts

I’m writing these reviews just for fun. I have an extensive collection of trashy sci fi, action, horror, fantasy novels and just thought I would give some quick reviews so people get the idea what they are about. I’m no reviewer, so don’t expect any literary insights!! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me post the images on my stories. These are books of a different time, when publishing was king and attitudes a lot different! Be warned!!!

New English Library. I am ,at the moment, trying to collect as many of the horror titles as possible. It’s a task, getting more expensive all the time!!!! Put NEL really new how to p[ump these out, as well as all sorts of other genres, but that’s a whole website on its own! Check out nasty Nels , sadly defunct now but has everything you want to know!

Eteinne Aubin was a pseudonym for British author James Moffat.

This the first of the early horror series from NEL, which they randomly just seemed to start and stop numbering for some reason. This is an early one (1974) so not the most gory of tales.

The story is set during the French revolution and a bunch of character of noble descent or vaguely connected and on the run from the Revolutionaries and after a skirmish where some revolutionaries get killed, they find refuge in an abandoned chateau . The cast of characters or the usual ( aloof noble ad servant, a lecherous banker , handsome soldier and lots of  Skellington’s).

Unbeknownst to, them , it is a secret hiding place of the stolen royal treasures of Marcel Fournier,  one time partner of  revolutionary leaders Robespierre and Marat.

What unfolds is a gothic tale of terror as members of the group disappear. An unknown assailant, chases or leads them to one of the seven crypts, which have various terrible traps and the individuals care despatched in horrific ways ( spikes, snakes, crocodiles???) . 

This a a cheesy, somewhat meandering novel, that seems obsessed with the women’s breasts for a lot of its time! I don’t think it will win any rewards for historical accuracy or characterisation. Saying that, its a light fun read that I really enjoyed. Part murder mystery, part gothic horror. It feels like a novelisation of a Roger Corman movie with Vincent Price, over the top dialogue, strange characters, slight splashes of crimson and with traps as good as any Indiana Jones tale! A cracking hoot of a novel!!

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